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The Antiquorum Experts

The Antiquorum Experts

Antiquorum Auctioneers is equipped with a superb team of world renowned Watch Experts and Horologists who are readily available to assist you with your next consignment or purchase. Their varied experience, extensive knowledge, and continuous research, makes our watch department unmatched in the field of Horology. Each individual’s passion and hard work keeps our team always at the forefront of the watch industry.

Antiquorum’s Watch Experts are dedicated to developing and fostering strong relationships with collectors and watch enthusiasts throughout the world. We pride ourselves on understanding our customer’s needs and desires. Our experts do their utmost to educate and advise our clients on both consigning and buying their next timepiece.

Our experts can also assist you in finding out just how much your watch is worth. Visit our watch appraisals page for more information.

If you are interested in selling a timepiece or are seeking advice on your next purchase, please contact our experts at your nearest Antiquorum office.

Press Resources:

Our renowned watch experts are available to serve as expert resources or provide comments on anything from horological history, style and market trends to vintage timepieces and tips on collecting. As the only auction house dedicated to the field of horology, our experts have been featured in many international and regional publications. Antiquorum is also pleased to offer an extensive database of images of luxury timepieces, both modern and vintage, available for editorial use free of charge (with credit given to Antiquorum). For more information, visit our Press Room


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Product Description

New York

  • Saori Omura

    Director of Watch Department

    Saori Omura Photo

    Saori Omura started her career at Antiquorum in 2002 soon after graduating with a Marketing Degree from New York University’s Le onard N. Stern School of Business. With a fascination for watches from an early age, she had always dreamed of working in the watch industr y. In over a decade of employment at Antiquorum, Saori Omura has been directly engaged with evaluating timepieces, preparing the auction c atalogs, managing the import/export department, and advising clients. She has worked closely with world-renowned watch experts, watch coll ectors, and dealers for over 45 auctions. In recognition of her passion and professionalism, her knowledge of horology and dedicated servi ce to the company, Saori Omura was appointed as the new Director of the New York Watch Department in May 2013.

  • Erich Lorenz

    Consultant & Rolex Expert

    Erich Lorenz Photo

    Erich Lorenz was born and raised in Baden-Baden, Germany. In 1951, he started a four year apprenticeship in horology with Link J ewellers in Baden, Baden. His training included technical theory: the making of watch parts, and the required tools, technical drawing and service techniques. In 1955, he graduated from the Handwerkskammer in Karlsruhe, Germany. After completing his studies, he started working for Kueffer Jewellers in Waaedenswill, Switzerland as a service technician. The three years he spent there provided him with an excellent knowledge of horology as well as served as a springboard for a lifetime career in the field. His love of watches took him to the United Sta tes in 1960 where he began to work for Longines-Wittnauer in New York. The following year he was offered a job at Rolex Watch USA Inc in Ne w York as a service technician. His responsibilities steadily evolved: from Foreman of the service facility, to Consumer Service Representa tive, to Technical Manager, to Public Relations spokesperson (while simultaneously conducting counterfeit watch identification) to finally ending his illustrious career at Rolex as an Assistant Vice President. After retiring from Rolex, Eric began to purchase Rolex wristwatches at all the major auction houses. Through these channels, he was introduced to Antiquorum and subsequently became an Horological Consultant and Rolex expert for Antiquorum in October 2001.


  • Dominic Khoo

    Director & Watch Expert

    Dominic Khoo Photo

    Dominic Khoo has long had a passion for horology. Antiquorum’s first and only watch expert in South East Asia, Mr. Khoo launched his career at Antiquorum Geneva in 2006. A collector of complicated wristwatches and pocket watches for more than 18 years, he has written several of the world’s leading watch publications and has been interviewed by prestigious media outlets such as CNBC, Bloomberg, The New York Times and other international publications. Having worked in every aspect of the watch industry supply chain, Dominic is a partner and founder of the WatchFund, the world’s largest watch investment vehicle. Nominated for Alternative Investment Manager of the Year for the past three consecutive years against competitors such as UBS and HSBC, the WatchFund currently has assets of over $40 million with main offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Dominic is fluent in English and Chinese.


  • Julien Schaerer

    Managing Director & Watch Expert

    Julien Schaere Photo

    Julien Schaerer joined Antiquorum USA as a Watch Director and Expert in August of 2005. Originally from Switzerland, he was introduced to the world of horology by his father who is an enthusiastic collector himself. His interest in timepieces further developed subsequent to working as an assistant at 16 at major auction houses during sales times. After earning his BSBA in marketing, Julien moved to New York where he worked at an advertising firm as a rep on significant accounts such as Citibank and Cointreau. Ultimately, he was lured back to horology and embarked upon his career as a watch expert at a newly created auction house. During his years there, they achieved many world records, most notably for Patek Phillipe and Rolex wristwatches. He moved on to another world-renowned auction house, where he was involved with and responsible for the conception and development of the European watch department which encompassed sales in both Geneva and Gstaad. After which, he became the Watch Director and Expert at Antiquorum New York. Amongst the timepieces that Julien is particularly passionate about is the Tudor watch brand, desk timepieces from the Art Deco period to the 60’s and sport watches from the 1950’s-70’s.

  • Etienne Lemenager

    Director & Watch Expert

    Etienne Leménager Photo

    Etienne Leménager is an enthusiastic expert on pocket watches, wristwatches and clocks. Born in 1973 in Normandy, France, he studied at the "Ecole d'horlogerie de Paris" and, after having passed his "baccalauréat technique d'horlogerie", completed several training courses to further his knowledge. Etienne Leménager joined Antiquorum’s horology workshop as trainee in 1996 upon the recommendation of its former consultant and expert on antique watches, Jean-Claude Sabrier. Subsequently, Etienne was promoted to Director of the workshop and, only three years later, Watch Expert. An accomplished watchmaker, Etienne Leménager is today Director of Antiquorum’s Geneva showroom. He is responsible for watch valuations and private treaty sales to local and worldwide clients. Etienne is, together with the other experts, looking after watch valuations and is a key person in the preparation of Antiquorum's auctions in Geneva, New York and Hong Kong.


  • Giovanni Varesi

    Watch Expert and Manager

    Giovanni Varesi Photo

    Giovanni Varesi joined Antiquorum as a Watch Expert and Manager of the Milan office in September, 2012. A Rolex chronograph collector since 1990, Giovanni has a particular affinity for and expertise in Rolex and Patek Philippe vintage timepieces. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and worked as an electronic and mechanical project manager before beginning his horological career in 2007 at a vintage watch shop, where he sourced watches and accessories for Italian dealers and private clients around the world. He also worked researching fine timepieces for Precious Time, a Horology Investment Fund. A popular and respected figure in the Italian watch market, Giovanni has extensive relationships with dealers, customers and media. His love of horology extended to creative pursuits, as he became a recognized photographer of watches for dealers, collectors and the media. Giovanni’s interest in auctions and collectibles began when he was teenager and participated in many collectibles auctions in Italy. He delights in the rare and unexpected, and is on a constant quest to find a “never seen” piece.